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Schools Increase Buying Power with Back to School Clothing Drive.

Back to School Clothing Drive announces the new Student Attire for Education program to support Title I Public Elementary School Clothing Closets.

For many families, purchasing school clothing is a very difficult financial challenge. That’s the problem the Back to School Clothing Drive Student Attire for Education (SAFE) program attempts to impact. The SAFE program is designed to support purchases of school uniforms to stock a school’s onsite clothing closet. So when a student needs a new pair of shorts, shirt or other mandatory school uniform item, the school can provide it to the students as a result of buying those items through our program.

The SAFE program is available to any Title I public elementary school in Maricopa County. It is completely voluntary and does not require use in conjunction with any funding a school or district may obtain. We offer this program on a first-come-first serve basis and it is only available as our funding allows. By purchasing through our program, schools can receive a 50% match on their purchase as long as our matching funds are available.

Combining the Back to School Clothing Drive SAFE grant with your school funds allows you to purchase 50 percent more through our unique program. There is no other program like it in the State of Arizona and is not offered by any other school uniform provider or local retailer. Shopping convenience and price are the determining factor in shopping with the Back to School Clothing Drive according to our partner schools.

For additional information on the matching grant program, please contact Joanne Grady, Program Administrator, (602) 256-9408, or via email at